just saw X-3. warning for all the geeks: *spoilers*

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i just saw X-3 tonight. it was pretty good. some parts i laughed. some parts i wanted to shout for joy at the sheer kick-ass intensity of it. some parts of i want to steal famke janssen and keep her just for me because she was so utterly HOT. and some parts i wanted to barf from the cheesiness of it.

and then some parts...i wanted to cry. because i absolutely understood it. everyone's been talking about the homosexual undertones to the movie...or maybe they haven't, i really couldn't care. but there were parts where i could feel it. could understand why they thought that. the whole "cure" thing scared the HELL out of me because i could see that being our future one day. i could see us lining up outside of clinics, desperate to be "cured" from this.

but other than that, it was a pretty good movie. wish it'd been longer...wish it'd been more complicated..wish it'd been...a lot more.