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It's amazing just how lazy I can be. How long have I had to write my paper? Three weeks. How much do I have written? Two pages, barely, and it's mostly just crappy quotes.

I am so weak willed it's appalling. I lack concentration.
My ability to put off my last proper paper of the year for this long is disgusting, I've always known that I'm slacker, but this is an all time high for me. I have the disquieting feeling that I'm going to be up all night trying to work on this and yet distracting myself with other things and just not getting it done.

Why can't I just focus and get the stupid thing done?!!! Oh, that's right, because knowing that this is inevitably another C paper has kind of put me off of wanting to write it.


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Oooh i hope teh coffee and ti

Oooh i hope teh coffee and time away from computer helped. Damn the internet! It is my drug!

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Sort of...sadly I'm now bakin

Sort of...sadly I'm now baking cookies to accompany me through my up all night writing my paper session...mmmm cookies.

California--the land of coffee and bagels.

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Hey I should be revising right now. We're all lazy

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