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Hey to all, I am a older gay guy who is a registerd Minister in the Universal life Church. I am NOT here to preach to you on anything. I will not say you are going to hell ( after all get 10 gay guys together and we throw a party so hell must be a great place to be)! I just want to help those who need a question answered about anything. Comming out to family or friends? Thinking of running away? What does the bible really say on being gay? etc. Post it here and lets all help each other get the answers correct the first time. Getting a lot of bibical text thrown at you by family. Let me give you some quotes to fight them with that they cant argue with.

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Questions for the Bible-ish part

What does the Bible really say about homosexuality? I've been told I'm going to burn in hell and that God doesn't love me. So I don't really go to church anymore. This sounds stupid but secretly I pray to God hoping everything goes okay with this coming out to my homophobic family(told mom but she is the sane one in the family).

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What does it really say? Well first off lets look at
what books condem it. Humm...Really none do from the
origional bible. The current bible used and considered
the most accurate is the King James bible. Yet if you
read the first page ( No not Genisis the preface) it
tells the only truth in the book. It says (Not
a quote but a outline) this is a book written by
man, interpretated by man, is NOT the word of God
and should not be taken literally. ( bad day for spelling and typing )
Any "true to the book" christian would be thought to
be insane today. The bible says we should sell our
first born daughter into slavery ( we dont do that do we?)
It says no woman should ware red, yet red dresses
sell very well I am told. A woman shold not cut her hair
and a man should not have long hair at all. Look at
the art work on what Jeasus looked like. Christians will
tell you that porn is bad and a sin. Read Psalms
if that ain't porn I don't know what is. Gays are bad
and should be condemed to hell, yet King david had
a ongoing sexual relationship with Jonithan. There ate
only 3 places in the book that condems homosexuality
and 356 places that condem Hetrosexuality...now who
do you think God favors. Why are the other books of the
bible published? What books? The book of Mary, the book
of Judas, the book of Jesus, the book of Lilith, and so
on. Why because the Catholic church in their wisdon
decided you didn't need to know the facts or thr
truth. So somewhere way back in the "dark ages" they
condemed those books and ordered them burned and
never to be seen again! Yet some copys do still exist
and you can get them at the Public Library,. I could go on
and on here but I feel you need to do some research on
your own. The public library is the best place to start
and if they dont have the "a-pock-eh-tharry" ( not sure of the
correct spelling so did it phonetically) they can get it for you
by interlibrary loan. another good book to study is
Gay/Lesbian Almanac, a new documentary by Jonathan Ned Katz
Harper publishers. It has a lot of history in it for you
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I'm registered with ULC too,

I'm registered with ULC too, man we're just so totally awesome!

California--the land of coffee and bagels.

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Kewl dude.

Kewl dude.

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Is it easier for other religions

I just want to know is it at all easier with different religions when it comes to coming out,I mean my grandma and her friends who are my god-mothers are very religious as am I,so is it easier to come out if you are say catholic,methodist,baptist,or quaker?

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diff of religion?

It makes no diff what religion you are. It is what you
believe that counts. Remember "where ever two or more
of you are gathered in my name so shall I be" So a
membership in a church really means nothing at all
That is our belief. As far as comming out to family
that is up to the person themselves. Some people will
find it easier baised on their religion where as others
will find it extreamly hard ( I am a bad typer, fingers
too fat I think). It is always best to "sound out"
the family member you are thinking of comming out to.
such as ask questions on how they feel about gay peopl
for example. " I found out one of my friends is gay and I am
not sure how to deal with that grandma what wouold you do?"
This way you feel how she would handle it with you also

You sort of answered you own feelings with the quote at
the end of your post.

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I'm a Quaker (The Religious S

I'm a Quaker (The Religious Society of Friends). We're very supportive of gays, and marry them. Tell me about the ULC. What do you believe, practice?

Also, maybe it's just typos, but from the phrasing of your post, I really have trouble believing that you're who you say you are.

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Naw, just checked it out on g

Naw, just checked it out on google, hes the real deal.

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I'm real

I am who I say I am. How can I prove it? On this
system that is hard to do. So you really have to
take my word for it I guess.