Lost the Debate

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http://www.oasismag.com/node/view/19833 (debate link)

I spoke in class today and told my side of the case. The other side stated that it is an absolute and indeniable fact that homosexuality is a choice. I was blocked out and the entire class laughed at me. They said I was too biased to argue the point and the other side won.

Their argument stated that marriage is between a man and a woman only and we have to follow traditional laws. My points were much more sound than theirs. In fact, I had many credible sources. I was laughed off the podium.

My point is, I am absolutely sick of high school. This is an environment where I am laughed at for presenting my side of an argument. My peers threaten me and tell me day after day that the way I am is wrong and will send me to hell. I've asked school officials about why there is no GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) and I've been told that "there aren't enough gay people in the school".

I feel so god-damn isolated. Of course there aren't a lot of gay kids in the school who are out of the closet. My school makes it seem as if homosexuality is something that barely exists. To the gay student at my high school it appears as if homosexuality is wrong and nobody who ever succeeded in this world was gay.

I'm sick of the way I'm treated.


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sorry about losing the debate

sorry about losing the debate, the fact is that people are inconsiderate ignorant dicks sometimes I hope things get better for you soon
btw, I really have no place saying this bc I don't have to deal with much prejudice at my school, but could you try starting a gsa, that might bring some fellow gays out of hiding or alert you to gay friendly straights

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Problem about starting a GSA is that school just ended, my mom is a substitute teacher and I'm not out to her. She'd find out.

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I'm so sorry, if you had the

I'm so sorry, if you had the teacher I had last year there would have been no question that you would have won. I wrote a paper on same sex marriage and another guy wrote a paper on why homosexuals should not be allowed to be athletes, and while we didn't debate we did present them to the class and the other guy was so intimidated at that point because of his homophobic paper that he didn't even state his position.

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My teacher is gay.

He, unfortunately, let the students decide who won the debate.