love life

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can u help me with my love life? there is a
person i like and he likes me but dosent want 2
go wit me cause he dont wanna mess up hi rep.
what 2 do?

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Options on the menu.

You could either wait for him to come around or say fuck'em. I don't know how much you like him, but if it is that serious MAKE him come around. "Hi rep" LOL

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yeah not worth it

hmmm i would say he is to worried about his rep. then he is not wroth it

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I think I would give up on him as a poss boy friend
and start looking at the other guys. He is too much
into himself and you will never be part of the Picture
so...The other poss is to do the 4 f method with him
find him, feel him, fuck him, forget him. Otherwise the
best is to just forget him. Make him a hangout friend
and thats it. Keep looking some one just for you
is out there. Maybe not today or tomorrow but some day
he will be there and be the best just for you.
Enjoy life and your fuck buddys until then.
you are loved.

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step 1 - you move on, cause u diserve better.

step 1B - tell him ur going to move on before u really do as a chance for him to change his mind and if it doesnt then proceed with step 1

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Know him really well first

Do you think that you'll be happy if you go out with him? You should know what his REAL intentions are: if he really likes you, then he would most likely risk his reputation just to be with you, right? Then if he would 'deny'(or something like that)your relationship if you're already going out, then it's time for you to ask what's in it for him.

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