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damned if i do
damned if i dont
either way
something bad always comes my way
no more waiting
no more wanting
i shed my skin
and start again

theres two in a room
blood on the floor
i know its not mine
it must be urs
i shed my skin
i've started again
i take whats mine
even though its urs

walls are laughing
people screaming
sirens ringing
lights flashing
i'm smiling
its a murder scene

50 stabs
i've squeezed u out
i took u apart
starting with ur heart
i own u now
both body and soul

i step ahead
to an open door
i own u now
both body and soul
so dont pretend
i always win in the end.


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That was awesome, what gave you the idea to write this?

I was early to finish,
I was late to start
I must be an adult,
but I'm a minor at heart

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it actually....

it actually started with a pee holding competition between my frens and the prize was some weed, so yea got high wrote this

If your happiness depends on what somebody else does or thinks of you, I guess you do have a problem.