Made my day today...

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Woah, during English class today which we sat in our groups and wrote our debating speeches... I was sitting beside one of my crushes. When I was explaining something to him he suddenly started stroking my hair lol. He stopped and did that again but I got a bit defensive (which I shouldn't have done) because there were people around me. Omgosh, I was like blushing lol. I asked him why he did that and he said something about "hair fetish". There were other things that he does that really just makes my day lol. I think he purposely acts gay to annoy people... but hmm the gayer he is the better lol.


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mm hmm we all know someone like that.

i know a guy like that. but i don't care what he does, i just let him keep on fondling me. i know that's bad but i find it hot... i think straight guys like to flirt because they think it makes them look secure with their own sexuality. i don't know. stop listening to me. seriously.

You scared him off with your big boobies and weird bisexual vibe!

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Don't worry. That made sense

Don't worry. That made sense :)

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Hair fetish???

now that could be interesting. Does he have long hair?
Do you? It sounds like the crush may be mutual. Invite
him out to coffee after school sometime see if
excepts then there may be more in it for you other than
just a talk buddy. Let him take the lead when you
go out. good luck.

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He has reasonably long hair j

He has reasonably long hair just past his collar and he gels his hair up at the front. As for me, I got short hair past my ears (I used to have it down to shoulder but my dad couldn't stand it). Um, I duno about the coffee thing lol... I guess I kind of have to observe him for a little while longer before making my move because he could just be saying/doing that to annoy me. =x

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Awwww, I think that's cute!^_

Awwww, I think that's cute!^_^

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hee hee hee....

That's pretty funny man. maybe he heard the rumor that you were gay, saw you blush and decided to be a tease...still funny tho...thats awesome, what is this paper about? later max.

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You would be amazed how far some straight people will go for a joke. Gay people as well for that matter. I know straights who can touch pretty much anywhere (really anywhere) for a laugh, but are still straight as hell.
But who cares, it's fun

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