maltesers' homonegativities.

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I adore Will and Grace. But I would not say I am a real fan. I would rather be in a bookshop. I would rather spend night after wasting the last of my trust fund in a bar, than paying for satellite subscription. Drinks, meeting new people and cute boys are priceless. I hate spending time in side. The only chance I got to watch television is when I am at home with my grandfather. I love the show but I totally dislike Malteser the sponsor of the show. I do not like that little stupid advert prior to each segment of the show. It protrayed the gay men as being over sexed, full of themselves and incapable of taking care of themselves. That advert campaign defeats the entire spirit of Will and Grace, which is supposed to protray everybody's love life in an equal way whether they are gay or straight.

Having McPharlane jumping and down through out the show is annoying enough, but Malteaser ads are a constant upsets. Lasttime I check I still have balls and I do change my own light lectuces. I am as domesticated as I would want to be. I still know what are differences between Fairy Liquid and Ariel non-bio liquid detergent. I cannot drive just yet, but I think would be able to locate where the windscreen liquid goes in a car. I know Gap from A&F with a quick glance. Well I am a geek but I do not have to look like one. I used to know how Mike Piassa hitted the ball and how Chipper Jones stole the bases. I would want to think that I can offer some advantages over girls, I would never scream down the telephone and asked for technical support. I know guys, clothes, shoes and computer. More importantly I know myself. I can only offer those advantages of dating a geek boy, when I am truely a geek boy. There is no way an advertising agency would get away with protray women as incapable, but I do not think they should get away with protraying gay men in the same way.


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Yep, when it doubt go for the funny stereotypes. It always sells with the people who aren't part of that steroetype

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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Homonegativities? Are you sure?

I'm not a big fan of Will and Grace. Jack and Karen are MUCH funnier. The actor who plays Jack is suck a great actor, his technical skill, his timing is superb. Yes, he's high camp, yes, he's always on the lookout for the next big fling, desperate for a boyfriend (I wouldn't say that he was over-sexed at all, just under-loved) but we all know someone like that. I'm not sure I can count on one finger the people I know who are more like Will... Grace yes. Jack is the gay we all love.

I think that you're assessment of the whether the advertising company were showing that gay men are incapable. When asked,' It was only to change the windshield liquid, has no-one ever shown you that?' Both characters go 'Yes' so they clearly know how to locate it... and change it. Not quite as incapable as all that. Their intention was clearly something more frivolous.

When it comes to the washing up and ironing... I know a lot of people would rather just buy new shirts or throw the washing up in the bin rather than do it. I don't think that's incapable. More like capable of acting on the spur of the moment, how we would all like to act. We all conform to what society and culture dictates to us. We have to do chores, we don't lead glamorous lives. Only in our heads. You might not look like a geek, I look like someone who isn't obsessed about Joni Mitchell.

Yes we should all go against our stereotypes but I KNOW those stereotypes. They are true though they would deny it to the core that they're nothing like them.

I know people like Jack. In fact even more annoying than Jack. Jack's actually very funny and a great comic creation. I forgot his name was MacFarlane.

Peace, Jamie