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I have been browsing around the net looking for things. Well many people would say that I should spend more time doing other stuffs like studying, looking for job and doing some programming exercises. I do not know what drove me to it. Is it a guy thing or is it me trying to compensate for what I have been missing? I do not want to speculate. But I think I might be addicted to things. Is the excitement of searching and finding or is it thrill of actually using thing. I am confused. Before I hurt myself and people I love the most. I have to get over the things. I am scared. I bowed out from the pantomime called the scene gracefully when I started going out with McDuff. I was his McCutie. I felt like I like I was a McBabe. McDuff gave me a McDump. I have been a bit down since thence and even McShrink could not really help. So I feast on McTrash from time to time. The McGut starts to reappear. I am no longer a McBabe and McCutie. McDave does not want to be a McDreamy. McShags were good, but I am not a McChic that was what McDave told. A McCutie is meaningless when there is nobody to make the McFlirty with. McCutie is now a McGut. My gawd I miss that irresponsible, obnoxious boy that I once was. He was more fun than the person I have become recently.


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Oooooooooh, that's damn funny

Oooooooooh, that's damn funny with the McWords there! Anyways, it is not just a guy thing to look on the net for stuff and be excited or actually do that; I mean everyone on this site didn't just magically find this site I don't think, and the web is so large, millions of people enjoy surfing the web. Nothing wrong with it, and learning is always a thrill! :) What do you mean you bowed out of the patomine? Pantomime? Hmm?! Perk up, you are in a better situation than most! McDave does not deserve you, and if he was looking for a McChic, why was he with you then (not that there's anything wrong with that, just pointing out his flawed view)? Alright, hope you feel better, maybe go swimming at a pool, or go for a jog or do some crunches at home! Don't eat too much trash! Have something from Subway, or some apple juice or anything! Later, cyberhugs to you McCutie =)

-J, boy, gay and 16 all the way. Just not out to anyone yet. I guess my sig could use some work.

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Idiotic Gay Scene

Idiotic Gay Scene is a pantomime. There are plenty step-sisters, but there won't be fairly god mother to look after anyone there.

I still drop into a cocktail bars everynow and again. I started to hate going out over the weekend. Drunkness and promiscuity aren't that healthy anyway.