mike is an enigma

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mike's a bastard.

not really. it's just he acted weird today, like we were talking about the formal which is this saturday, and i was talking about the girl who's taking me it's the girls school's formal) and he said, "are you going to fuck her dirty?" and all this shit. it was so unlike him i didn't know what to say, and then he asked
me if i was "going to finger slam her" i just went "what the fuck dude?" and i grabbed all my books and shit and moved away. that annoyed me so much. oh course one of his jock friends were there, so of course he had to talk like that, but really, it's disrespectable.

really though, i need to stop all this fantasy about him. he has a girlfriend for christ's sake! but i have a crush on him. his girl is a good friend to me, and that makes me feel bad.