minor difficulties.... any suggested are more than welcome.

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ok, so i have little problem, nothing major, but if you have any ideas, please let me know. that being said, the other day i randomly met this guy (me being a closeted lesbian) when i went for my usual tea. i was wearing a grateful dead shirt, and he was like, 'that's awesome, high five'. so we started talking about various shows, and exchanged screennames. that night he imed me, and we were talking, and we have a lot in common. we're both math nerds, love the outdoors and are into rock climbing, we love jambands, are both very liberal, and we're both proud to be considered a bit on the odd side.

i have no sexual interest in him whatsoever, but think he'd make an awesome friend and would like to keep in touch with him. i don't know how he's feeling though. whenever i come online, he tries to talk to me and i'm always the one to end the conversation. i think he's single, but i don't want to be presumptious, but i have been getting the vibe that he likes me. i've been trying to drop little hints as to my gayness, but i don't want to just come out to him, and i don't want to be in the position where he's asking me out and i'm fishing for reasons not to go. so far i've put a quote as my away message, the one "what do you mean you don't believe in homosexuality, it's not like the easter bunny, your belief isn't needed." he left a message saying it was an awesome quote, so i know he's not homophobic, but i don't want to leave him with the feeling i have when i get crushes on straight girls. anyway, any ideas?


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Dealing with a straight dude.

Gods, I'm so weird, I'd actually do this. Ask him, "So, would you like to be my faggette hag?" One way to break the ice, and perhaps get him rolling around on the floor laughing himself into a hernia, but who knows. If you do it, let us know what happens. It might end up a scene worthy of being filmed.


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Oh! Do that!!! Or if you want

Oh! Do that!!! Or if you want to be a little more subtle you could ask him if he thinks that some girl or other is hot. That would raise my suspicions simply because straight girls don't usually refer to eachother as "hot". Have fun with that either way.

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