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So, I haven't been on Oasis, and I am deeply sorry for that. I'll try and update you on my life- what's happening, what knowledge of life I've learned, etc.

'Till recently, I've been in withdrawl in the dark of my lonely bedroom/basement. Neglecting relationships and privledges thanks to being rejected by the highlight of my year, Robert. I'm not sure what came over me when I was 'in love' him, but it moved me; it nearly changed me altogether. Though, I came through as the same, arrogant recluse, who actually is an outgoing individual. My days 'till the end of the year and changing my impression on others was limited. Then, I met Margaret. Everything since then has been up-hill. Slowly, she came out to me. First, she told that she was bisexual, then lesbian. I feel so happy for her because I have this so sort of connection with her. I just feel that we are cosmic relatives or something. (According to Zodiac we get along well, me being a pisces, and her being a cancer.) A hurt in our relationship, sadly, is my other friend Eden. I feel so hurt, because she seems so much closer to her than me; although, they are not going out. I don't even feel imbetween, just left out. Moving on, I adopted a new hairstyle, which requires a rather large amount of time in the morning. Straight hair has allowed me to come out of my shell. I feel alot better about my personal image. Other people seem to be noticing also. For example, a guy told me I was hot, and came close to asking me out. Alas, he didn't, because of his fear of going out with a guy. I'm almost sure he is gay, and he already knows he's bi. This seems to be the only problem left in my former mess of a life. Everything other than love is in perfect synch.

Well, if you've read my whole entry, congradulations.


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I've also decided that I'm going to go vegetarian for the summer and maybe longer.

"Many of those people involved with Adolph Hitler were Satanists, many of them were homosexuals -- the two things seem to go together."
-Pat Robertson

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I've been vegetarian for over a decade and vegan for going on three years now, wouldn't go back now for anything.

"I could eat a knob at night." -- Karl Pilkington

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i was scared you had dropped off of the face of the planet,
i had lost you in the deep recesses of cyberspace, twas tragic.
but now i have found you! *does dance*
unfortunately your reappearence coincides with a loss of internet,
but ill try and give you a call sometime.
much love,

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Dude - you are alive. I know you did you're occasional little disapearances but I thought you had gone this time. Really gald to se you back man.

Keep on going with that guy, don't ditch the chance. I'm sorry about robert and such like. Good luck with the vegetarianism

And I want to see a photo now that you're hot

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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do you have facebook?

"Many of those people involved with Adolph Hitler were Satanists, many of them were homosexuals -- the two things seem to go together."
-Pat Robertson