new confused and lost feeling...

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Well the feeling I have been having for almost 2 and a hlaf weeks is onfused and lost. I mean because of things with the first person I actually felt loved me back. Oh by the way this isn't someone that i'm romantically involved with its sorta a friendship but not. I mean I showed them what I wrote in a past entry on this site. They had mixed feelings about it. I attached to them and kind of lean on them and they make me feel safe that's part of the reason I love them so much. I just know that how I feel for them and how I felt them feel for me was the first like your first love thats how it kind of feels to me like my first real love despit eit being romantic or gf/gf.

Part of me is angry ather only because when I asked her after I told her I was gay if she still liked me. She had to go and say no I Love You. Which at first when I heard no was getting a little sad then I heard that and all of a sudden I felt happy at peace. I had already felt that I was in love with her and loved her and just all these things but its like when she said that she loved me it felt as if everything I was feeling was ok and not wrong since she loved me too. I'm just so confused I mean huhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I can't really explain this quite clearly right now so I will end it and try another time just know this is really getting to me.