No Charade

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There was NEVER any charade,
It was only to you, the heart I gave,
The feelings I felt were only for you,
And what you called a lie, was in fact, true...

You act like there was such a burden on your life,
And you didn't care enough to even think twice,
You say its hard to trust me and what I do,
When it should be ME who worries about you,

You never had to do anything but leave,
It was easy for you... it was hard for me,
When you were supposed to be there to comfort and care,
It was me who was the only one there,

How am I supposed to know where we are,
If you never talk to me and live so far,
It was YOU that I trusted to keep my heart whole,
And it was MY false hope that you stole,

It was never fair how you treated me,
I was ALWAYS there when you needed me,
I never let you down, I'd never do that to you,
And whats funny is, I thought you loved me that much too,

I figured it was too good to be true,
I should have saw the signs and thought it through,
But silly me, I thought you were the one,
Where the pain stopped, and the love had just begun,

There is not much faith left in my heart,
To allow someone else to rip it apart,
I'll end it with you for now until it repairs,
So I will have time to overcome my despair.


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WOW that is...

Wow that is...there's no words to explain that!