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So I finally sent my 'coming out' letter to my friend last week on a wednesday.. and she should have definetely got it by now. But I haven't heard from her at all, I was anxious all weekend coz I thought I would hear from her on Monday. So now I've got this weird feeling in my gut and I dunno what I should do. She might write a letter back.. because I did say write back.. or she might feel awkward.. or she just doesn't care. Damn I dunno what to think.

We are hardly friends anymore, but somehow I crave her acceptance or something. I used to like her a long time ago, maybe I still do just a little bit. I don't really like anyone at the moment and she pops into my mind when I'm reminiscing about things.. it might be because she was the closest thing I've ever had to a girlfriend. Our friends used to joke about us being a couple, and people always said she adored me. Weirdest compliment I got once was "If you were a guy, she'd fuck you". Haha I still remember it clearly because I was flattered and like oh my god at the same time. Yeah it did get to my head since I liked her heaps at the time.. but I always knew she was straight. Hmm I dunno. I guess all I can do now is wait it out.


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Hold on. You've done all that

Hold on. You've done all that you can do and now it's up to her. Try not to think about it. I know, that isn't realistic but try anyway. Do you have anyone around you that you can have a real conversation with about this? Good luck! Whatever happens, it will be over soon.

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