"Old" friends coming back into my life...

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Hello everybody! Thought I might make a short update...

Well, I've got a busy week ahead today... I have two NCEA assessments and two debates this week and I've been a little stressed about it because (I'll admit) I haven't managed my time properly. On top of that is the usual stuff which makes me a lil buzi.

Besides that, there were some happy stuff happening in the weekends. I went karaoke with some friends at downtown... at first I was invited by Julie who said I wouldn't know anyone else there, but I ended up knowing EVERYONE who turned up which was wierd o_o. There was also this girl there called Ellen, who was my friend from about 7 years ago. She went back to Taiwan 6 years ago... and suddenly she reappeared in NZ. I've been re-seeing a lot of my old friends recently... which is great. =]

I also heard from Ellen that this other "old" friend of mine called Tyler went back to Taiwan and came back to NZ as well. It's amazing how all of us got seperated 6 years ago and now we're all back together agen. Ellen said Tyler changed a lot (they go to the same school now)... The three of us reaaaalllliiii have to meet up some time~

That's bout it... leaving for school in half an hour! Bubi peoplz!


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that's pretty crazy dude...

Meeting up w/ old friends is always fun...lol. That's cool that you got to see them again...well, I have to go write my final paper for history, so ttyl. peace.

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Yeah I know... and also... I

Yeah I know... and also... I whooped butt in my class debate today. I spoke a little fast and missed out many points... but we still won and I got best speaker. I'm so happy about that because it just shows my efforts did not go to waste.

So, I have another debate coming on Wednesday... this is the interschool one. I'm getting a little nervous since I spent so much time on my previous debate I haven't even finished my speech for this one.

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I've noticed all my old friends have grown really cute, but don't seem to talk

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