omg...i can't believe my friend is going to do this...

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Well I just got finished talking to my friend on aim and she told me tomorrow is going to be her last day at my school because she is droping out. I have to say I feel really shocked and confused I mean it was out of the blue totally unexpected to me at least. I mean we really didn't know each other very well but still I was on my way to it. We were becoming closer every single day. I mean it just throws me for a loop I really wanted to get to know her and I still could.

We could hang out but the fact is she is very wild and I don't think I could be comfortable around the people she hangs with. I am just kind of sad also because I don't think she is making the right decision but I can't talk her out of it. I wish I could know her more I am just in complete and total shock right now. I'm going to bed night all.