please help i need comfort right now

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ok iv over heard someone called megan and she was getting all the girls 2 beat me up and i heard them yesterday and then today elizabeth was like "hey they need u in the bathroom" so i went in there and there were all the girls who were planning on it and then megan smiled and started 2 come at me and they were about to beat me up and i just like fast walked away i told the office and the girls had 2 come in and thay made it sound like they wernt about to beat me up and noboby belives me that they were and i got in trouble for "lying" when i didnt do anythng and the only reason they were gonna beat me up is cuz im a lesbian and thats why im upset

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help on way

I understand your problem. I suggest that you inform
the superintendent or principle of the school you
go to of this problem. It is their duty by law to
protect you. I also suggest you talk to the local
police dept. That way if something should happen you
can document that you needed help. As far as the
girls themselves talk to your mom and tell her whats
going on. You need not come out to mom but tell her
that some girls and tell her who they are by name
are threatening you and calling you a lez etc. If
it gets too bad then look into transfering to a school
where there is a Str8 gay alliance group. And most of
all talk to the school counciler. the more that know about
the threats the less the chance they will act on them
Dont go anywhere in the school with out a friend with
you for a while. Just make it seem like your hanging with
them. Prefer it to be a male friend. Some one you can
trust. Hey str8 bois think two chicks getting it on
is hot for them to watch. So usually they are the best
to come out to but make it one you really know and
wont go spreading it around town for you.
I hope this helps some

you are always loved

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That's terrible! They should

That's terrible! They should believe you! It's not like people would really lie about that. Hang in there!

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

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we love you!

Hang in there, hun, and stick up for yourself! Tell your mom or the principal what's going on, and they will help keep you safe. You can switch schools if it keeps staying this hard. School sucks anyway--especially mniddle school, you're there right now, right?--and homophobic bitches don't make it any better. Keep your head high. You're better than all of them.

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