please help im crying right now!

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ok someone i know megan we were kinda friends then dani told her i was a lesbian and now megan justed called me an ugly fag whore!

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dont listen to stupid people

hey hon sounds pretty rough. ya know what though life is gonna be full of those who say things like that and those who dont. Luckily the majority are the ones who don' are a lesbian, megan can't change that and that's fine because ya know I bet maybe she's one too who knows or maybe her brain is the size of a cashew. be who you are and never doubt yourself. i've been an out lesbian for a long time trust me things get better. sdomeday you'll have a girl who loves you and will wipe those tears away. so let megan just be evil she sin't worth your time.
adios (sundancer16's girlfriend, sundancer16 said i'm better with advice so I decided to help)

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Ouch that sucks. I am so sorr

Ouch that sucks. I am so sorry that she felt the need to do that. It's hard not to take stuff like that personally, but think of it as maybe she needs time to come around. If you do stay in touch let her know that that hurt

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Sorry to hear that your friend turned on you.

However those who are so against gays usually
have the highest tendicy to be gay them selves.
Megan,you said, was a somewhat friend. Obviously
she was not a close friend. So you really have
not lost one. But her actions toward you do hurt
and that is understadable. I suggest you try
the following. Do not ignor her as that will
give her what she wants. Confront her directly
asking where did she hear this rumor? Then when she
says " Dani " say" hummmm funny I dont remember
sleeping with Dani take it from me I would rember
that if it had ever happend. The say you know I
heard rumors like that about some other people we
both know but I checked out those and found them
not to be true!
Do not deny being gay, just don't admit it to her
or any of her friends. Or do just the opposit.
come out to her and her friends Show them that
you are stronger then they are. Yes it will mean
some name calling and maybe some other things like
a bump or shove in the hall at school. If this
happens go right to the principal as it is agains t
the law to not protect you form this type of harrassment
I hope all goes well with you on this. Trust your
feeling at all times.
Old fox bob