Please read me im begging you

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Okay well myspace has bestowed me (@least thats the word i think is correct anywho. my uncle got a myspace just recently and thought he might add me . ... .. . . any problems so far .... nope... oh wait... IT SAYS IM GAY!!!!!!! know my g-parents know . and he wants to get together im fretting a whole lot i need some help hear he wants to go out to eat or somthing. and june 9th is coming up the aniversary of the death of his sister my mother. (thats not the problem ppl) the problem is i need some convo starters i need some prayers and some support on how to get threw this dinner i dont know when it is and i have to call him to set up plans how am i supposed to do this.ARGGGGHHHH!!!! what do i say idk...

hit me up with some info
Nicky boy

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how slick

smooth move setting it up twice

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First off, don't freak out.

First off, don't freak out. Oops, maybe that's a little late.

If so, take a deep breath, and think to yourself, that it's going to be okay. IF you are really gay, and your myspace wasn't changed to say gay by some friend or loser or error, then you would have had to come out sooner or later. If they already know, well, you don't have to prepare some long coming out speech like I had to.

If it were me at the dinner table, let them show their cards first, i.e., shut-up, let them do the talking. if they know and have some kind of opinion, then let them say their piece. Bringing it up might be seen as confrontational by some people. Plus, they may not have noticed or are not really concerned. No reason to get them upset about something they are unaware of.

After they have said their part, it's your turn. Tell them first, that you love them, and wish you could have told them first, but you were scared to do so. Nothing wrong in saying so. Then tell them your story. Make it honest, real, and from the heart with no bullshitting.

I have a myspace too, it's I have come out to everyone I know, so my advice is possibly helpful to you, take it or leave it, hit me up for more help if you want it.

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I don't have any advice for y

I don't have any advice for you but I wanted to wish you good luck. Soo... GOOD LUCK! And try to relax.

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I believe the word is "betray

I believe the word is "betrayed".

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If you want prayers, I'm pray

If you want prayers, I'm praying for you.

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Um...break a leg kiddo

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Well the door is now open isn't it? Lets see now
you said he just found out you are gay...are you
out to anyone else at home? Ie dad, brother, sister etc?
Is your uncle single? Is he or could he be gay?
You said he found out and now wants
to take you to old is he? Close to you
dads age or your age? He may just want to talk.
Who else is to be at the dinner? Just the two of you.
Is he religious ( not just a little, a bible thumper type) /
I need more information if you want advise.Post me kdirect
and I will do my best.
you are loved.