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I have been seeing a boy for three or four weeks. He'd been open up to me emotionally and we'd been close physically. He doesn't to be in a relationship, but doens't want to stop seeing me either. It sounds ackward, but I don't feel any strains or weird at all. Earlier today over lunch I was talking to another friend. My question was regular sex + friendship + tech talk == ?. The answer is we're fuck buddies.

I am having regular sex outside relation. I am not talking about lapse judegement that leads one night stands but it is premeditated sex that happen frequent with same person. I began to wonder, if this is gonna turn me into a totally non-committal and eventually become less of a boyfriend material and unmarriageable.

Why am I asking these questions to myself?


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No a fuck buddy does not make you any less committed. I can assure you of that - I have been there for several years dude, I know what you're on about.
However, I would advise against it - it's not really a good thing to be getting into. It ends up being quite harmful for both of you, and really is quite unfulfilling.
But it does not make you less of a boyfriend. If it does though, I'm fucked

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You don't have to have a rela

You don't have to have a relationship to have sex, if you can hang out with someone and get the benefit of sex without the responsibility of an intense committed relationship why the hell not?

As for making you less marriageable or able to commit I really don't think you need to worry about that. Continue enjoying the freedom of your current life and I'll continue to be envious of your situation. I so don't want a relationship right now but the whole friends with benefits thing would be awesome.

...and I'm female.

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That's why gay guys and strai

That's why gay guys and straight guys are in fact so much alike. We all see noncommital friend sex as awesome.

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I'm so with you.

I wish I had a fuck buddy. I have been in a relationship
for over 15 years now. I can assure you that
what you are doing is not bad for you. It won't turn
you into a slut like you think. I used to do it too.
I cant count the number of guys I had sex with before
I got a relationship going. So enjoy what you do
for someday that special one will come along and you
will know it. Just remember to have SAFE SEX ONLY!!!
I know too many guys who barebacked and now pay the price
with all the pills they have to take the rest o
f their lives. HIV ain't fun. Wrap that Wraskel
Oldfox Bob (Denver)