'Real man/woman'

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Man I kinda feel like crap right now.I was talking to my sis earlier and I mentioned aguy we both know that
is gay and she reckons he doesn't count as a 'real man'.This kinda hurt me because does this mean that I
wont count as a real woman if I ever tell her about my own gay feelings.
I think it also knocked me back a bit because I was considering talking to her about how I've been feeling
and my confusion about my sexuality.Now I definitly don't think I will.I think she kinda suspects anyway
from little comments she makes.I don't know,just feel crapy.


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If you want to tell her, tell her.

If you were considering telling her, there must have been a reason. Obviously she is someone you trust. I say continue with your plans to tell her. If she is faced with the fact that someone she knows very well is gay, she may change her opinion. By seeing that not all gay people fit into stereotypes, she may change her opinion because she knows you are a real woman, so she was wrong before.

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Was it not said in a joking m

Was it not said in a joking manner?
I say go along with your plans as usual...as the person before me said...it might help if she knoes you are gay and are a real woman. Good Luck.