redrum, redrum...

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Ok, so I was wasting time on imdb (a great movie site) and I was reading about Kubrick's "the shining" and now I've got myself all freaked out again... and of course one of the few times it's actually quiet in this suite... oh well. I'm permantly afraid of Jack Nicholson (sp?) because of that movie. I can't even watch him in non-scary movies. It was brillant though, Kubrick is awesome... the whole redrum thing... anyways. Ok, trying to think of other non-scary things.

I think my head may end up exploding from studying. I don't know if that's physiologically possible, but I'm getting close. I just have to keep reminding myself that it's now less than 48 hours before I go home. That'll be relaxing for maybe three days, at most, before my family and I start butting heads, but even then it'll be better than this semester. I've taken down all my pictures and stuff from the walls (pacing makes for a productive study break)... so I'm missing my Dali paintings, but at least the blank walls are a reminder that I'm almost free.

Alright, back to studying. Gotta love the need to understand and memorize the proccesses of every organ system on the molecular level. Not to mention the pre-calc, which actually will be easier in comparison. Bleh.


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"The Shining" has to be one o

"The Shining" has to be one of my favorite movies of all time . . . and possibly one of the scariest too. I can never think about hotels the same way . . .