return of........ME lol

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May 17th 2006:

Ok so here I am sitting in my room at effing.this time of morning. I basically am supposed to be doing or finishing this damn essay abut Ive jus been putting it off for ages! Anyway, my day was ok...hung out with Jestine and Megan today or should I say, yesterday lol. I jus randomly decided to watch a movie and so we drove to city and watched THE HILLS HAVE EYES. Omigosh that movie is WHACKED! I was like.....jumping and stuff and at one stage grabbed Jestine's hair cos it gave me a mean as fright! Then I looked at Megs and tried to scare her with my lighter and I lit her hair on fire....shameeeeeee!!! Ahahahahaha funni tho =P then we cruised back to Jes' house and hung out wif her lil sis Jeanine. Shes so cute, she got her eyebrows done tonight and she was scared shitless she wanted me to hold her hand. Shes got her senior ball tomorrow and she aske dme to do her hair. Shes got this heels that shes not going to wear 2morow cos she cant walk in them so she asked me if I can walk int hem...and if you knew me, I CAN walk in heels...I jus dont want hahaha. Anyway....Im down and out.....peaZe ya'll

Luff ya xoxoxo