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This is a letter I wrote to my friend when I was on the train yesterday and I need to ask if you guys reckon I should give it to her or not.

Hey _____
blah blah blah....

But the real reason I wanted to write this letter is because I wanna tell you something that you probably don't know about me. I know we aren't exactly close as we used to be. But I feel like I can tell you. Ok here goes...

Yeah so that's it. You're the second person to know. I hope you're not creaped out or nothing. I just had to get it off my chest. Well thanks for listening.. and yeah if you ever need to like talk about stuf, I'm here for ya even if I don't like it. It sounds really corny I know, I hate sounding corny. Well I guess I'll talk to you later..

Love Me (in a mates sorta way of course hehe)

p.s I hope it's not too odd that I'm confiding in you when we hardly talk.

Background info: I used to be really good mates with her 3 years ago in high school, but we've grown apart since then and we only occassionally talk to eachother on msn, but i miss her friendship. She's had/has queer friends and watches qaf and seems pretty open to all of that stuf.

So.. should I add to it? Should I apologise for not tellng her sooner? To send or not to send? Any advice would be awesome. Cheers.


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definitely don't apologize fo

definitely don't apologize for anything, i mean, what should you be sorry about? you didn't do anything wrong. and if she's as open with gayness as you say she is, she'll probably be grateful for your telling her (at least thats how my nonshitty friends reacted). but definitely, don't sound apologetic. there's nothing wrong with being gay and telling someone that you're gay (although, i shouldnt my own shit to deal with i guess)

but good luck. it might be better to talk to her on the phone. thats how i came out to people. im actually going to come out to one of my closest friends tonight. im really freaked out too. ive been trying to tell her but i know that she's not too gay-friendly, but we'll see.

but your friend sounds cool. anyways, my advice: don't be apologetic and phone her instead of a letter. you'll get a response right quick instead of waiting for her to write you back and then you feeling nervous and freaked out about not knowing how she'll react.

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definitely send it to her

Talking is better, but it sounds like you don't do it that much and since it's only your second coming-out, baby steps might be better.

About the apology--keep it in if it feels more comfortable. If she's as accepting as she sounds, she'll probably just respond even more sweetly to you being nervous about it.

Well, good luck. I hope it helps bring back your friendship!

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I'd say send it. But I do agr

I'd say send it. But I do agree that talking is better. Do whatever feels more natural. Good luck!

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