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My little sister is a fucking moron.

So she left for school this morning after my mother and myself had left and she left the door to our apartment OPEN! WIDE OPEN!

And my brand new laptop was sitting in the living room in plain site and she already has my housekey because she lost hers and is too much of an idiot to go get a copy made.

And yet she can't understand why I would be upset that she left the door open....

Apparently our neighbor found our cat outside on the steps about four hours after we had left and brought her inside and shut our door for us.

My little sister's excuse, in the whiniest voice one can imagine "I was running late."

If I had come home to find my laptop gone, my laptop that I can't afford to replace--that I had to sell my car to buy, that is my precious, on top of finding that someone had hacked into and f-d up one of my internet accounts and that I would be changing all of my passwords today...I would not have been a pleasant person to be around.


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My little sister's done that before! Only I don't have
an apartment, so yeah...and I live miles away from everyone.
But I think maybe you should just tell your guardian and
then explain to her that if it happens again, you'll
have to take away the house key and possibly anything
else she may need.
Yes, treat her like a kindergartener.

"Life is what happens while you are busy
making other plans."
~John Lennon

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I told my mom who was not ple

I told my mom who was not pleased and got on to my little sister about it while gesturing wildly to my precious laptop. We have security guards at the complex but that's no guaruntee.

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