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Hmmmm.... this is quite interesting. I have to share!
During math class when I didn't have my homework my teacher told me to call my dad. When I did he didn't answer. So I sat down. Then my teacher, Ms. H yells at me for no reason I know. And tells me to call him again.
She pulls me out into the hall and tells me that I can't afford to not do my homework with the grade I have in her class. And tells me that I'm going to fail and never amount to anything.
I was furious, I sat down and I began to cry because if my dad finds out that I'm still not doing my math I'm going to be in huge ass trouble. I wrote three poems about how my dad doesn't care about me and how my life is just a tad screwed up. And I start writing this note to my friend Briana who sits next to me.
Ms. H comes over and demands the note when she reads the first line that says, :My father hates me." I try to explain to her that I don't have it because, I didn't I gave it to Briana. So she starts believing me and then she asks Briana if she has the note. Briana has to give up the note. And the principal, counselor and my math teacher all talk to me about 'how much they care about me' that 'I shouldn't do anything to harm myself' shit like that when they don't even know what is in the note.
I'm taken back to the counselor's office in which she has the note. She reads it as soon as we get back to her office and we start going over it.
First thing,
My dad is emotionally unavailable and I feel he doesn't care about me
my mom's dating really sucks because... it does
I can't stand going back and forth between their houses anymore!
So my counselor takes out this gigiantic book and we go through the depression check list
turns out...
I have I think it was 18/20 of the depression symptions
Everyone is very worried about me and I still don't give a shit.
What is wrong with me if I don't care?
So I get to go to a real therapist and my dad wants me to take some kind of depression medication.
You shouldn't do that for teens. I'm not in denile for my depression I just think it is a bad idea to give teens medication for depression most of the time it doesn't work and makes them suicidal.
Oh! And since I've been more depressed my eating disorder is more present! yay!
depression+eating disorder = miserable me.


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I just got through going through this same thing. Except for
I'm not allowed to speak with counselors and therapists, so it was
just my teachers saying "we care". It's true though, if you died,
it would make them feel awful.
As far as what your teacher said- you can file a lawsuit for
that! and btw-tell her that she's the one that started these
problems-just to make her feel bad.
"Life is what happens while you are busy
making other plans."
~John Lennon

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: (

That sucks. *putters about being overly worried and saying "we care" and giving you depression tests and saying "we care" again* And guidance counselors are useles. I'm sorry your parents are being crappy, and you have an eating disorder. Hang in there.

If you feel so strongly about the meds, don't take them. Either pretend to, or just flatly refuse. They usually aren't very good for teens to take.

Are you hanging on to something useless just because you think it's beautiful?
--William Zinsser

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I took some anti-depressants before....they didn't work. They just made me tired, but unable to sleep. I just went through a long period of doing no homework and not going to class a little while ago. And it's my finale year! Everyone was telling me how much I was screwing up and stuff. School's hard, you just have to get through it and everything will be so much better! It better get better anyway! I'm counting on it! haha