So unexpected...

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My friend just went all depressed on me and I had no idea what to say to him. I try to do the most listening, but I don't know what to say when I feel like I have to something. I gave some shit advice, I was a hypocrite and now I'm in a really down mood as well.

My other friend also picked up that I have a crush on this one guy (I have like 3 major crushes)... this friend can be a really arrogant bastard sometimes and now he's annoying the crap out of me because that.

On the brighter side, at lunchtime today I had a great time writing our debating speeches with my crush. We were the only ones there in the rrom so I had him all to myself, which was nice once in a while. He even offered me his unfinished bacon and cheese roll, which was really nice of him. =)


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your friend

you said your friend was all depresed, about what?
If you tell us maybe someone had a like experience and
can relate with what they did.
It also sound like your other friend who picked
up on the fact that you have a crush on this certian
guy is jelious of you having that crush. If he is
giving you a rough ride on it I am sure thats the
MMMMMM bacon and cheese roll...delicious, and got
to swap spit too....mmmmmmm.
Hey so what enjoy the time you get to have with your
friends and damn the torpedos quigley full steam ahead
Keep it up ( or is it up around him) anyway enjoy lif

Old Fox Bob
you are loved.

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He was depressed about how he

He was depressed about how he doesn't fit in with his family, how he's bi and everyone will hate him, and how if he disappeared from this world it wouldn't make a difference. His brother is also having a party downstairs and was really pissy at him and all that...

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Thats kewl! Well, have fun w

Thats kewl! Well, have fun with yourself! I don't even have anyone to have a crush on! So be happy!

It never matters what strangers think. You'll never see them again.
So you might as well act like a total flamer to all!!!!

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Sorry, but which crush is this. You have so many I loose track...

Kidding Max

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"