Teen Workshop

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well guys, lastnight after whatever i was doing, i went to drive to the city to meet
up with kenyth so we could go to the workshop provided by rainbow youth.
anyway, that was awesome as anything even though we were a tad late...
i got to meet new people...all with their own 'coming out' stories and stuff.
then kenyth and i got to dance around while he was dressed up as a DRAG QUEEN
hehehe. these young people are just so full of life...im so glad that they got experience
this kind of thing though cos when i was in high school, we never had
these kind of things about sexual orientation crap...no one talked to us about
these things. but yeah...it was awesome!!!!!!!

went to kenyth's pad and whoaaaaa.....until now, i am still overwhelmed
by the fact that it looks soooooooo fabuloso!!! and omigosh....yeah....
he has done such an amazing job of it...*hugs kenyth*

well lastnight was sucky cos i felt so sick and yeah...i jus drove home after hanging out with kenyth even though we were suppsoe to go clubbing. now he wants me to go out
but yeah, not sure cos i've got an essay due in and the day is drawing near...
so maybe not. i spent most of today with zoey and justin in the mall.
it was ok...didnt buy anything though cos yeah...im not allowed to spend anymore money according to zoey lol.

well cant stay online for too long...love ya'll