tests, memories and boyfrens

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so wrote a test today, only found out bout it yesterday and i completed the darn thing in 10 mins, either i failed terribly or i passed with flying colors, either way i enjoyed it, cant believe i just said that bout a test but it was one of those that make u think, i dont expect anyone to undertand that, its philosophy shit, i still don tunderstand how i can be so brilliant at something but still hate the shit out of it? :P oh well thats my life for u..there was this one thing that i remembered 2day, last year i finished top of my class and my lecturer had the nerve to call me in for questioning , he thort i cheated (the bastard), anyway my bf's gone again, miss him soooooooooooo much, :/but i guess he needs to work to buy me gifts....though once in awhile..ok so its happened alot lately, just been wondering y i go out with him.

i tried to make a list, but all i got was nice car, nice face n bod, and hes funny...theres this other dude thats been checking me out since 1st yr, i think i like him, and i think hes the one person that actually gets me wen i talk, he doesnt give me 'ure a crazy geek freak look', hes cute got the brains, bit mysterious which i love...theres just the fact that it also scares the shit outta me, guess i'm too familiar with my own bf to move into unknown territory.

i saw him 2day, he was with his frens in the cafe, its funny, he wore the exact shirt wen i first met him and i wore my exact top that i wore back then too, (i actually wanna get rid of this old thing but it fits me sooooooooooo good:P) coincedence maybe, wen he walked by all he said was 'nice shirt' with that gorgeous smile of his aw i swear i could've mealted right there(0,-)

i also remember the first thing he said to me wen my fren introduced us, we where working on an assignment and my fren says well pinky here comes the brain, hehe, then he's like, wow cute and smart, girls like u are hard to come by......yes i know it sounds cheesy, but damn that made my day, and all i had to say was yeah, how stupid of me..but a guy who has the ability to leave me speechless is briliant..nah not brillian arg i cantr think of a word anyway thats it for livingdeads walk down memory lane, tune in again next tym, same place :D


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If you don't have any of these guys can I?

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"