The Da Vinci Code

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Well we all knwo that I was going to see that movie!!! Anyway, right now...I feel really sick! I dont know why.....I cant be pregnant...unless...Ive had sex with a man and I wasnt aware of it. Ugh. Well today was awesome...apart from the fact that I came home...
Went to pick Jeanine up at her school and met up with her friend...What a hottie! Anyway, drove back to her house and started working on her turned out quite alright I suppose lol. Then she showed me her dress oooh it was gorgeous! After doing up her hair...she started to go all crazy on me and kept jumping on my back...and whatever else she was doing. RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE!!!! Ahahahahaha....nah shes an awesome kid! I think I click with her more than I do with her sister lol jk. Then yeah, her aunt came and did her make-up rah dee rah. Jestine and I went to Burger King cos I was mad hungry and hadnt eaten all day cos they didnt have food at her house.
Her aunty wanted us to watch the movie with them so we went and watched it. What a fab movie.....I would give it a 9/10 but then again...what do I know right?? I got a text from Zoey telling me to come back home lol Ive been out all day rah rah I jus went straight home after dropping Jes off at her house. I dunno...I feel like Im in holiday mode for some retarded reason and yeah...UGH! I also have to go meet up with Nikki cos I owe her a "date" considering I didnt turn up last time hehe. Hey, dont judge me jus cos I didnt turn up ok!
Well I best be finishing this stupid essay that I keep putting off...Im sure for most of you who know about this essay....ITS THE SAME ONE!!!!

Well ciao haters xoxoxo
PS: I miss my mummy *sheds a tear*