the easy way isn't always the right way....

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cowardice is such a lovely thing. finding the easy way out because you're afraid of the consequences. i thought i was over that. for years i never made a stir, never made a confrontation, always kept my head down and hands folded, afraid of being made a fool. i finally realized i would die miserable and alone that way, so i stopped. i don't back down from an argument, if you challenge me, i challenge you. i make eye contact, and scare the hell out of people if i don't like them. and i'm a better person for it.

until she came along. i thought i was fine until she walked into my life. with those huge, innocent, green eyes, that blonde hair, that dimpled grin and adorable laugh. she turned me back into a quivering mass. if i have to argue with her, i make sure i don't upset her. if i need to talk to her about something, i won't because i'm afraid of what might happen. she has tamed me, something i didn't think possible. she has made me roll on my back and expose my belly.

suppose i'll just roll over and play dead for the next three years until we both graduate and go to college and never see each other again.



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Oh well. Good luck getting yo

Oh well. Good luck getting yourself together, it can be really hard sometimes.

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.