the finals are coming! the finals are coming!

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studying has me going crazy. i got a package from my mom this morning, it had three bags of chocolate :) and things to destress. so i know have a little dragon fly toay that blows bubbles, and when you blow the bubbles its wings spin. and then my suitemate gave me an entire bottle of grenadine, and i've just mixed about half of it with a large glass of sprite. so i'm a bit on the hyper side. work has been going well but i needed a break so i figured i'd post on here.

i can't wait to go home, 5 more days of living with my rommate. and if ms. homophobic comes in and wakes me up at 3am when i have a final the next day, i'm beating her with my text book. (not really, i'm a bit of a pacifist, but i might actually yell or something). i think she's the first person that i've actually disliked in a while. oh well. i'm off to studying some more.


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Dont' remind me...

My finals are approachign way too
enjoy your reading.
Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman