The Game

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I am guilty
theres no one else to blame
I allow myself
to play this game
I don't play very well
I kinda suck
Yet in the end
I survive with luck
Yet I'm still here
Playing her game
Lie, cheat, and steal
is the way she plays
I lose every time
why does she do me this way
I can't figure out
what it is about her
that makes her so great
For all I see is the pleasure
she gets from others aches
But yet I'm still here
yet again I cry
Hoping that one day
I will win this game
This friend of mine
that causes me pain
Is the one who I hoped
would help me win this game
Yet I'm here once again
My friend the cheater
the dealer she is
Controls this game we play
until the end
I'm still here
Yet I cry again
My emotions are this game
and she always wins
As the saying goes
"Dealer always wins"


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I totally love that...and i get are a great writer...

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hey back

Thanks, that means alot coming from a total stranger.