the gurl i hate to luv

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so there is this girl at my skewl that i have been madly in luv with for 2 years. she knows about it to. but she has a boy friend who is allso my friend. i it is sooo miserable to stand there while they are all over eachother. . she is bi... but she is only out to like 2 people. i am a rare species at my school no one else knows wat they are or wat they want for that matter. I just wish she were lez and wanted me as bad as i want her. i have been trying to avoud the pain of watching her with her bf but i still catch a glance every now and again. she is moving to a different city and skewl next month so i am trying to get her off my mind but i cant!!


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Hey, That must be really har

That must be really hard. Luckily, the girl I love goes to another school so it's not as hard. Unluckily, she's my best friend so it's hard being close to her. ANYWAYS, when she moves, it will be so much easier, trust me. Spend time with her this past month, don't try to push her away. She probably needs a friend now, so be there for her.

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Not sure what the source of pain is here... you're out to her, she's out to you, and yet, not with you. So, where's the hope? Why keep this candle burning for her?

If she wanted to be with you, she would. Since she's bi, she certainly could. Of course, there is that whole problem with her being, you know, happy already.

Not to mention, lusting after someone who is leaving in a month anyway? What's the gameplan there? You want a kiss and a promise right before she leaves town for further torture?

Sounds like it is time to move on all the way around.

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ya i know i totally agree with you! but i cant help it i wish i could just turn it off and that is what drives me nutz. but you are right she could be with me if she really wanted to. thnx :)

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