the light from the stars shines so imperfectly....

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i have no idea what that means...but i really like the way it sounds...

i spent all of fourth period either doing stupid polynomials, because my math teacher's having knee surgery, and she wanted us to do something, or writing all over the back of my exam schedule. me and katelyn (i know it's not correct grammar, so shoot me) were listening to her iPod and randomly writing and doing the math crap. i wrote some really good stuff too. it was first nice breakthrough for a while....katelyn is my muse, i swear to god. everytime i talk to her or i'm even around her, i just get inspired....yay. :>

also, holy fucking was SO hot today. well...actually, i shouldn't say hot, because it couldn't have gotten to more than the mid-eighties, but it was *humid* extremely *humid*. it was so damp and moist you could see the haze in the sky. we were all sweating sooooo much in gym today it was disgusting. ergh...and we don't have air-conditioning...double ergh....

number three: concerning other things....i couldn't stop thinking about her today. i don't know why. it's just this constant thing in my mind and it won't fucking stop. she's beautiful and i hate feeling like a stalker....i wish i could just talk to her, but i'm just so cowardly...

one more thing...WHY WON'T ANYONE COMMENT ME?!?!?!?!???


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yea that has happened 2 me al

yea that has happened 2 me alot...i think u should wait n see if she likes u back if not get over it it'll be better....take care


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woa, i had to take a double t

woa, i had to take a double take. I never know anyone with there name spelled like mine. it was hot, actually humid here. god, so bad, our school has no a/c either, it was sooo disgusting. i actually was kind of wishing my pizza was cold, it was hot, and that made me even hotter. We are all packed like sardines in that gym for lunch, soooo hot and humid, my hair totally frizzed, a ton. srry, enough about me, I have the same problem. I can't get my crush out of my head either, it sucks soooo bad. I think that my crush is hott/beautiful/stunning, but i can't tell her how i feel. i just can't bring myself to tell her, it took so much for me to go up to her and have her sign my yearbook today.

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why don't you just go up to her and say hi.. what is the worst she can say.. .. i no it is hard.. but .. u might miss out on something.. if you don't talk to her.. inless she is strait.. then you don't have much of a chance..and then there is no reason for you to hesitate to go talk to her