The Void

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A middle schoolers lament (you need to read to the end to get it)
sorry its long, but read to the end because though it may sound like its about death its really not so PLEASE READ AND COMMENT

there is a Void
That swallows
every one of my friends
that I love and admire
I too
will enter the Void
Who knows what I will find on the other side
maybe everything
and everyone
that went before me
Or an alien world
with no one
Are those who entered lost?
Have they gone forever?
Is what they found on the other side
so exciting
that they have no wish to return?
One by one
they have been captured
by the seas of time
and carried
through the gaping arches
of the Void
Their new lives unfolding
before them
Will they forget
those trapped on the other side
of the Void?
This side
that they used to live on?
Will they forget
everything we taught each other?
all of the jokes we shared?
the times we spent together?
Will they forget?
I watch them go
With two words
Sometimes I say good bye
Sometimes the Void seems so
that I forget
It is Reality
Each generation
of teenagers before me
has been sucked
into the Void
I miss them
not knowing where they went
but those two words
the wind whispered to me
as they left
The list of those I knew
that were thrust into the Void
is growing quickly
Each year a new batch
graduates into the Void
Never to be seen
or heard from again
Those who cannot go with them
watch in silence
we cannot speak to them
they do not know we exist
Other times,
they are our life's blood
our teachers
our sisters
our friends
Our Companions
The Void doesn't care
From the seat
In the back row
I watch them go
Those two words echoing
drowning out thought
Their hands close around a fancy scroll
They turn and walk out the door
To be swallowed by the Void
They are gone
But the two words they spoke
still echo through my mind:

High School