The Word 'Lez' Is Awful

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OK, so I seem to be getting gayer and gayer but the day and consider myself a lesbian these days.

But something is bugging me. The word 'lez'. When I hear anyone say it, gay or straight, I just think "Dammmnn
that sounds soooo sleazy and seedy".
I don't know what it is about it but it just sounds awful to me. Lesbian is fine. Dyke I can cope with. Bi is
a perfectly reasonable shortened version of bisexual.
But lez..... ARGHHH. I think it's the Z. I hate it when people tLk lke ths iTz aNnoyIn az hElL.

I don't know. I guess I'm weird.
But I really don't like that word!


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Lol i hate lez too, i dont mi

Lol i hate lez too, i dont mind bi or gay, i dont think i like the word lesbian either i think it makes me feel stereotypical

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I know the word "lezzy" from

I know the word "lezzy" from my gay male friend and he sais it in a nice affectionate way, so I kind of like it. Lesbian sounds nice too. But still the word feels a bit alien/foreign/imposed, just as all the other words. Dyke sounds very cool. I always wonder whether being a dyke means more than a preference but also a lifestyle. So that a dyke means someone who is in a dyke community and so forth... A dyke in the closet, that notion simply makes no sense to me.

To 2cute2bestr8: I think it's perfectly alright to call yourself lesbian even though you say you're technically bi.

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and any of those horrid varia

and any of those horrid variations like lezbo or lezzer or...*shudder*. i hate them.

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I would rather be called lez

I would rather be called lez then dyke... but thats just me. I think that dyke is right up ther with fag. All the lez veriations are stupid, but I can deal with that.

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i kinda like dyke, not when

i kinda like dyke, not when being randomly bombarded with it, but its sort of like 'bitch' how ya kinda reclaim it and turn them being shitty into your own im gonna call me a dyke, so see, it wont mean anything if you do...besides, lez is a stupid word and dyke is sort of a cool word. lesbian sounds sort of formal...not bad, just formal...
"if young love is just a game then i must have missed the kick off"

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i like the way lesbian sounds

i like the way lesbian sounds.
would it be bad to say that i call myself a lesbian
even though technically im bi because i like the word better?

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I really hate alternate words for gay and lesbian.

In my opinion, anything besides gay, lesbian, bi, and homosexual is just mean.

I hate being called queer, because that makes it seem like the way I am is wrong or weird.

I hate being called a fag, seeing that I'm not a burning pile of sticks or a cigarette butt.

I hate being called a fag, homo, queer, pirate, fudge packer, fairy, queen, pixie, ranger, blue boy, bungie boy, fluffer, nancy boy, poof, Kinsey six, theater queen, bent, dutch, sodomite, brimstone sniff, closet case, Tom Cruise, fag fuel...

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i think your just wiered.. ya. i kind of get the shivers when ppl say lez.. but then. i'm like....... were!!! lol.. but on the other hand.. i'm the wierdess person you prolly could find :P