Things that I learned today

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Today I learned that I'm the only who's going to be doing any work for the lit circle project in AP English--I'm the only one who's been reading the book and I'm also stuck being discussion director for the rest of the week which means I have to lead everything and be all constructive.

I also learned that I am not Jim. I was walking up the stairs and these two guys were walking down the stairs and one looked at me and went through a range of emotions happy-confused-sad before looking to his friend and kind of gesturing to me and then saying in a very sad/depressed/vulnerable tone to his friend "I thought that was Jim...." Seriously the guy sounded heart broken. So, yeah, I am not Jim, and I don't know them well enough to want to become this mysterious Jim.

I also learned that pretty much everyone in my GSA is an idiot aside from like three of us, it was also finally recognized that our Vice President, my best friend who claims to support me,never comes and is super flaky.

And I got invited to co-host a radio show for an hour every monday up at Humboldt State because on the hosts graduated or transferred or something, but I can't because I won't be here. My English teacher/GSA Advisor was somewhat disappointed and suggested I commute by helicopter...but that's kind of a no go. Rebbecah who is the girl that went to the YES Conference with us and remarked that it seemed like we were the only straight people there volunteered to host...she's pretty clueless and the idea of her hosting a queer radio hour is absurd...I'm not very fond of her for a variety of reasons.

So my English teacher distracted her by asking a variety of questions about my school once I said it was in Oakland such as "Berkeley?" and my response was "No, Mills" and he was all "Oooh a private womens college..."
And Ms. Griff the lesbian gym teacher and co-advisor who tries to bond with me the few times I see her got all excited....

What I learned from this? I am an excellent subject change.