Time to leave this stupid town

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I totally understand Ashley in "Two of a kind" when she stated that its time to leave this stupid town. Her opportunity was supposedly her first model casting. Well it's not an refusable opportunity that makes me want to leave glasgow it. It is my annoying self.

The life I am familiar with has begun to disintegrated right before my eyes. I am partly to blame for most of the mishaps. Recently my favorite Japanese is now closed. Prior to this my boyfriend left me and my bestfriend "broke up" with me right after thant. :( I am starting to laugh about my life in general. But when these even happened I would want to cry and wouldn't even want to wake up to live from one misery to the next.

At the height of my career I had my first job. Two of my closest friends dropped out from school. I was left with a stupid boyfriend to comfort. When I think about that summer I felt like that jerk didn't appreciate how hard I worked. He called me clerical assistant. For the last and final time, I was doing an enterpreneurship co-op program. I was a business/technology consultant. Well sweetheart if you are reading this. Good luck your non-existence career, social housing and big fat ugly bitch of yours.

My mother divorced my dad and in the process she divorced me.

Things were ok, I wasn't much into studying, I was out virtually every instead of studying and doing homeworks.

Well I wasn't admit into fourt year and I was totally alone. Well I picked up pieces and tried to apply to grad school with all the grades I had. Well I was accepted. phew...

Well I had another boyfriend as I'd been bitching about all these times. Well it ended in a very sad way.

Recently two of my chaplains quitted. Cathedral and home parish. I wish them well, I actually not that sad when I learned about both of their departures. I am counting this as bad sign anyway.

Oko on Ingram Street (Glasgow) closes. That is my one and only favorite Japanese resturant.I am waiting one of my favorite cocktail bars to close and my therapist to quit. That's when I am gonna leave.

My advice to everyone is to start packing when your bestfriend is gone. But you don't leave just yet just be prepared, because your life can either get worse or better. When the cocktail bar is gone the only thing left to do is to run for your life and phone your estate agent to sell up your apartment.


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I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time. Don't lose yourself in the move, OK?

Are you hanging on to something useless just because you think it's beautiful?
--William Zinsser