to anyone who has asked me these questions

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Question: how do you guys have sex?
answer: look it up!

Question: If you fell in love with a guy would you marry him?
Answer: if you fell in love with some of the same gender would you marry them? the truth is im not attracted to men. im not going to give an absolute. wierd things happen. but im gay and i dont see myself ever falling for a man.

Question: is it a choice?
Answer: my personal belief is very diffrent and very similar with many others. i believe our basic attractions. our primal instincts. desire, passion, lust, love i believe those are all results of somehting out of my control. what is it? im not sure. many study think it happens in your development. you dont gety enough of your assigned hormone. but im not sure all i know is you cant control those feelings. those desires. supress it? yes but never get rid of them. i do believe living as a homosexual person is a choice. me having a girlfriend is a choice i make yet my attraction isnt. living in that "lifestyle" is up to you. doi you deny what you feel for the pleasure of society or embrass your thoughts, feeling, and desires.

Question: what about a women attracts you?
Answer: there happens to be no answer specific enough to answer this question. women are something so close to heaven thats in your grasp. something heavenly that is tangeable. i think what attracts me the most is the depth to women. you can be with the same women for 50 years and wake up the first day of your 51st year and learn something new.

the truth is, before you make a judgment on me, ask me a question. you might be surprised at the answer i give. questioning does nothing but helps, but by judging someone you might loose a person you were meant to know


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lol im pretty sure these answ

lol im pretty sure these answers arent news to anyone here...why post this here?

*I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead, i lift my lids and all is born again. I think i made you up inside my head*