twin brothers...both gay...but don't know the other's gay...

Icarus's picture's not a soap story or the next feature on oprah. two of my friends, guys i've know since second grade. they're both gay. they've both come out to me. but they don't know the other's gay and are terrified of them finding out. god. this is going to get interesting.


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thats crazy tell them the other is gay but at the same timelike in the same room moc

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Yeah, that does sound like a soap story.

I say you tell one that the other's gay, do the same for the other, and ask both if it's okay to tell the other. If one says no it at least might give the other the courage to ask.

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Suggest that they each talk t

Suggest that they each talk to the other, would be less of a mess than you outing them to each other--that just doesn't sound wise. My sister has a friend and three of the five brothers in the family are gay, the set of twins has a gay brother and a straight brother though...I wish my family was like that, that would be awesome.

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lol, that kind of makes me ha

lol, that kind of makes me happy in a sadistic way...yeah you should nudge them into coming out to each other...that's probably the best route, sorry, i shouldn't take pleasure in your friends' obvious fear...

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