u don't have to read it

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idk, i just feel like writing something. It really may not be interesting at all, idk, i haven't even decided what this is about yet. I just need somewhere to write down everything. I don't know what i have to say, but i am kind of upset, about what, i have no idea. I just can't shake it, maybe i will go relax in a nice hot tub, or something, don't ask me, i have no idea, i am just kind of depressed, not as bad as i have been the past 2 weeks, just kind of. My head hurts, stupid burn on my forehead, from my crush, but i am still upset. i hate my life sometimes. I wouldn't do anything like hurt myself physically, or go as far as to kill myself, suicide is not the answer. Srry for this little blurb about absolutely nothing. I don't even know where i was going with this.