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Before the curse upon your eyes
witness where my body lies.
Not in earth, but in the soul,
where to rest, the heart I stole.
Above the lights and to the ground
a broken cross where I’ll be found.
The roses, hung upside down to dry
will be your passage as the end dies nigh.
Alone, I’ll be a ghost through troubled youth
until you learn the present truth.

And I’ll be gone,
forever gone,
without a trace.

For if you come to find
where the chosen people lie
you will not like what you see
for those people are just like me.

Never gone,
never gone.

Sing to the demonized child
though it may never be mild.
It needs your love
as blood to a dove,
as blood to a dove,
a child needs your love.

Have you seen the traces I left?
or have you not searched the wings and the church?
Though a story you tell
is but a half-truth in hell
while all I seek is unconditional,
Have you seen the chiming bell?
Within lie a trace I tell
for you to find me.
I’m living so close, yet so far away,
why can’t you see me,
why can’t you see?

This is where I leave,
you never came to retrieve
the banished one,
the unholy child.
As time grew his soul burned mild.
And now I’m gone,
you’ll never find me even if you try.
And now I’m gone, forever gone,
without a trace or lie.

All I ever wanted
was to see your face.
All I ever wanted
was unconditional…
All I ever wanted,
all I ever dreamed,
and all I ever wanted
was unconditional


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...wow, that was like...well

...wow, that was like...well really good =) You know that I'll always be here, waiting to run away with you

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I wrote this after both of my parents asked me if I'm gay. I stated that I was not, and they went on for about twenty minutes on how they were SO glad I'm not gay. My dad basically told me that he'd rather I was dead than gay.

From that comment I'm not even sure if my parents will love me after I come out to them...