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I haven't been on this site in fucking forever.
I guess I kind of got past the point where I needed it.
I met my best friend here, which was pretty sweet.
It's weird going back and reading my posts.
And realizing how much I've changed.
I can't even remember the person I was when I first logged on to here.
Unsure, not really knowing anything.
I guess I am a lot better.
I've come out to a couple people, although I am not ready to deal with the parentals.
The whole obsessively religious thing would be a major problem.
I have a couple gay friends whom I love.
Plus they are pretty smoking hot which is sweet.
I'm at the point where if I am out in the open around people I don't know I can be completely queer.
I like it.
I like smiling at girls and hitting on them.

I really want my tongue pierced right now.
Too bad my jobs won't permit it.
Oh well.