update on the gurl i hate to love

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2 days ago she finally broke up with her boyfriend. as she told me i tried to hide the fact that i had been waiting for this moment for the last year.i huged her and sayed i was sorry as sympathetically as i could. she recked the moment as fast as she had made it . she blurted out . i cant wait for nick to ask me out ! grrrrr what the hell??? i hate this why does she do this to me i wish i hated her i just want to be over this i know it would be the best thing for both of us but, i cant help myself every time i see her i just want to hold her. most of all i want to tell the entire world that she is MY girlfriend and that she loes me as much as i love her. but that will never happen. wh? becouse i just found out that i am moving to ukiah wich is like an hour from were i am now and she is moving to windsor. so after this school year i will probably ever see her again. i need to find some one else to love or even just some one to have a fling with i just have to get my mind off of her or ill explode!!all i want is some one to love me and i know she doesnt and i know that if she wanted me she would go for me. and she hasnt.... i feel like shit!!!!!!!!!


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There will be others, dear. And some of them, believe it or not, will love you back.

She isn't doing this to you as much as you just really want something to happen between you that, as painful as it is, won't happen.

You can make sure that you stay in touch after you move?

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