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Well I haven't put a journal entry up since April tenth. So I figured nows as good a time as any to make myself known again. For starters I had a girlfriend for a week which wasn't my intention for it to be short. I just noticed through getting to know her after deciding we wanted to be together she wanted diffrent things from a relationship that wasn't going to work out. For instance she wanted to be taken care of which I get and would love to do but she wasn't into it going both ways not as much as I do. I mean I would have loved to care for her but I need to be cared for also. Also she didn't think that a relationship with me would entail as much as it did emotionally. So that's one.

Two I guess if you used to talk to me you know my old therapist that went on maternity leave and then I got another one that was filling in for her. I have really bonded with the new therapist its been 3 months since she started. I can joke with her play around unlike with my other therapist. Well after memorial day on the 30th my therapist that went on maternity leave will return I like her but I think I like the one that filled in for her so much more. She has helped me so much these last months its been a real blessing.

Third yesterday I gave a printed copy of my journal to my teacher Lisa the culinary one I talk about in almost every entry. Read the journal if you want I didn't reread it before I gave it to her. Since I wrote it a while ago. Well I read it a couple minutes ago and it is emotional and i'm kind of scared of her reaction tomorrow when I go in. She probably will understand why I said what I said in the entry and also be fine with it. I just don't want her to think i'm trying to be someone to her I have no right being. It would be clearer to you if you read my journal thatI gave to her.

I just have too much on my mind I am looking for a job so maybe that will help get my mind on track over the summer. I just need to find more of a home away from the people at my school. I have bonded with them and I feel as if thats my home not my home I live in which is weird but understandable since I never really felt that anywhere i've lived was my home. Well this is done and I will go to bed have a great Friday.


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Thanks, but it was a shitty friday

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"