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Well guys and hoes...new blog entry. If i was a normal person, I would be so hung over right about now, but instead Im dandy as anything. Ok so here's the dealio of my Saturday night.
Toots (my roomie) invited me to go to this party with her and her friends and cos they were fundraising to get their van fixed so I went. Kim (Toots' friend) came by at around about 5pm-ish and we started drinking. Played games rah dee rah and started to get tipsy by the time it was 7pm. Toots' other friend Lando came by and Amy who gave us a ride to city. Anyway, Kim and I were sitting talking in the lounge and she popped the "so do you have a gf?" question? So I figured that Toots told her already. Anyway...blah blah blah we talked about it and yeah. Then we got to Vesbar and it was empty as anything cos Toots was incharge of the door tickets and stamping people. Anyway, Kim and I were having a ciggy outside and jus having a good old chat.
Then it started to get pimping, so we started dancing until like...hmm I dunno 12am or something. In between, we had 5 different shots of God knows what the heck it was...and 3 rum n cokes for $12 so we bought a lot of those lol. Then they were playing a cool song so I walked up to Kim and started dancing with her...kinda kinky lol and after she was like, "that was soooooooo HOT! Oh shame on my behalf cos I didnt know anyone from there, only Toots and her. Anyway...Vesbar shut at 1am so we walked to mid town with everyone drunk...Toots and I were sober by this time. And we ended up at the viaduct at FLOAT (where all skanks and horny old men were lol) and yeah...we went to a few clubs but we ended up leaving cos the music sucked. Then...around about 4am we got home and bleh.....I didn't end up sleeping until like 7am when the sun was shining.
Today's plan is going to be.........STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!

Ciao xoxoxo


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Considering how often you go out, I am very impressed you're never hung over. What is your secret? Tell it to Campfire, he sounds like he could use it

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"