Wannna come out?

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Well next time you go to school write "bi-pride" on your arm some where, where it could be very obivous..soo if someone see's it and ask are you bi? just say "yupo!" yes..with the o...
I did and they were all cool with it..now I have a bpyfriend who O thought he was str8...

now with the parents...

I actually didnt come out...the school told them...which I got sooo fucking mad...sorry for the language...I mean they had no right to do so! but n e ways my mom was like I dont care!

well there u have it...have pride in what u are!

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wow thats great nothing iz r

wow thats great
nothing iz real
john lennon

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That makes me re think my who

That makes me re think my whole coming out at school first plan, but congrats.

"You cant change the world you can only change yourself."