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ok so i was walking down the hall with my gf- now x- and this group of preps walk up behind us and caugh "lezbo's" i turned arouned and couaghed "straight!"
i dont understand why they think that would insalt me!! thats just the way i am!! i was born liking the same sex, they were born liking the opp. sex. why dont they get that??


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**coughs while saying lesbo i

**coughs while saying lesbo in a sneaky way**(i kid)i'm really bored and am just typing for the fuck of it...........MY NAME IS MARI WHATS YOUR NAME?(i need to find a diffrent diffrent way to spend my free time)(lol)

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That's so stupid! Seriously I

That's so stupid! Seriously I think everyone should have to go through coming out! Like no matter what, because if you're straight you never ever have to worry about anyone questioning it... but everyone questions and insults homosexuality! I don't understand at all! But good for you for not caring, they shouldn't even care it's not their business!

.don't try to fix me.i'm not broken.

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some people believe that call

some people believe that calling us what we are really hurts us but its like calling a black person black and its just stupid, it only reflects their own insecurities about who they are i guess but what do i know?

You wasted life, why wouldn't you waste the afterlife.